We've made some changes in our decorating department!!

We are extremely excited and proud to welcome new, fresh creativity and ideas to the bakery!

We are immensely blessed, as a small business, to have been able to pick up momentum during 2020-2021.

Therefore, we have decided to focus our decorators’ attention

on our iced & decorated cookies, cupcakes and special occasion cakes, making it possible to take on more orders.

As for our new decorating duo, their fresh, new ideas & creativity MAY BE DIFFERENT THAN WHAT YOU'RE USED TO, but they will

STILL HAVE THE SAME GREAT TASTE! Meghin and Bethany are committed to bringing smiles to your faces every time you see your cake!

Don't hesitate to give specific details when ordering - email them at our new email address: underbrinks@yahoo.com !


We have also been introducing different dessert cakes each week, making slices available for purchase out of the case!!

Whole dessert cakes are available to order 24 hours in advance! A list will soon be available describing each cake offered.

Thank you for your understanding & continued support of your small local bakery,

allowing us to keep RISING TO THE OCCASION for our valued customers!!

Selected by Taste of Home Magazine As The Best Bakery in Illinois

Famous Angel Food Cupcakes

Famous Large Angel Food Cakes


Gluten-Friendly Angel Food Cupcakes

Snickers Cheesecake


Reese's Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake

Raspberry Cheesecake

Turtle Cheesecake

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Our treats are known all over...

Start by checking out our cookies and other treats. Do not forget to read about our famous angel food cakes and sweet danishes. If you do not live in the area, your sweet tooth can still be satisfied; we ship! 

"We Rise to the Occasion"

Underbrink’s Bakery, LLC, your neighborhood bakery since 1929, has always brought you the best in made-from-scratch baked goods for generations. 


We are a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation and special occasion headquarters. 


Stop in today and try our famous iced angel food cupcakes, or pick up some sweet rolls for the office. We have a large selection of cookies, pies, bread and cakes every day that are made with the finest seasonal ingredients.

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Trip Advisor 

“Best wedding cakes and heavy cream frosting of any

bakery I've ever tasted”